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Conference Talks and Other Press

The Magnificent Modular Mahout- An extensible library for distributed math and HPC Trevor Grant. FOSDEM- High Performance Computing. Brussels, BE- February 4th, 2018. Video

Open Source Artificial Intelligence in a Biological/Ecological Context Trevor Grant. International Symposium on Biomathematics and Ecology Education and Research. Normal, IL- October 8, 2017. Video Coming Soon

Solr and Machine Vision Scott Cote, Trevor Grant. Lucene Revolution. Las Vegas, NV- September 15, 2017 Video

Do I Know You? Realtime Facial Recognition with an Apache Stack Trevor Grant. Flink Forward, Berlin. Berlin, DE- September 13, 2017 Video

Introduction to Online Machine Learning Algorithms Trevor Grant. DataWorks Summit. San Jose, CA- June 15, 2017. Video

Weekend Project: Real World AirBnB Data Science and Pricing Bot Trevor Grant, Andrew Weiner. Berlin Buzzwords. Berlin, DE- June 13, 2017.

Forgot About Mahout? It’s Back and Worth Your Attention Andrew C. Oliver interview with Trevor Grant. Infoworld- May 18, 2017.

An Apache Based Intelligent IoT Stack for Transportation Trevor Grant, Joe Olsen. ApacheCon IoT. Miami, FL- May 18, 2017 Audio on ASF Feathercast

Apache​ ​Mahout:​ ​An​ ​Extendable​ ​Machine​ ​Learning​ ​Framework​ ​for​ ​Spark​ ​and​ ​Flink Trevor Grant. Apache Big Data. Miami, FL- May 16, 2017 Audio on ASF Feathercast

EXTENDING MAHOUT-SAMSARA LINEAR ALGEBRA DSL TO SUPPORT GPU CLUSTERS Suneel Marthi, Trevor Grant. GPU Technology Conference. Silicon Valley, CA- May 11, 2017 Video

Introduction to Online Machine Learning Algorithms Trevor Grant. Flink Forward, SF. San Francisco, CA- April 11, 2017 Video

Episode 8: On Flink Andrew Musselman and Joel Grus with special guest Trevor GrantAdversarial Learning Podcast. Podcast- March 3, 2017. Audio

ApacheMahout, What’s Next?! Roadshow
* DFW Data Science, Dallas Fortworth, TX- December 13, 2016. Video
* Austin Data,Austin, TX- December 12, 2016.
* SD Big Data,San Diego, CA- December 7, 2016.
* Seattle Data Science,Seattle, WA- December 6, 2016.
* Chicago Hadoop User Group,Chicago, IL- November 17, 2016. Video

Apache Zeppelin: A Friendlier Way To Flink Trevor Grant. Flink Forward, Berlin. Berlin, DE- September 12, 2016. Video

Tutorial: Setting Up a Notebook Based Data Science Environment with Flink and Spark Under the Hood Trevor Grant. ApacheCon NA. Vancouver, BC- May 11, 2016.

Everyone Plays: Collaborative Data Science With Zeppelin Trevor Grant. Apache BigData NA. Vancouver, BC- May 9, 2016. (Video lost due to recording equipment failure).

ApacheCon 2016 Feathercast Interview Trevor Grant.  Podcast, April 19, 2016. Audio on ASF Feathercast